Nylon Smile – Angel of Doubt

Nylon Smile is the recording alias of Nikolas Soelter, a Los Angeles based musician and writer. Formerly of the post-punk outfit Never Young, this solo endeavor see’s him peeling back the layers of noise that have been synonymous with his music, revealing deeply melodic songwriting with lush, ambitious arrangements.

Pitch shifted guitars warble and swirl around the steady rhythm section, leaving room for Soelter’s airy vocal, and shimmering slivers of effected synth and piano. Just like the Portishead song the band is named after, the songs are self-aware and introspective.

Over 5 songs and 14 minutes, only one track breaks the 3 minute mark, but they’re all brimming with ideas. Angel of Doubt is a brief but immersive introduction that suggests there’s a lot of sonic ground for Nylon Smile to cover.

released August 1, 2018

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