Free Country releases Narcan Summer, lead single to upcoming EP

Free Country (Jason Ribadeneyra) a writer / producer based in LA has released Narcan Summer, the lead single to the eight song EP titled The Life of Riley due to be released later this summer on his Eyes Closed label.

On “Narcan Summer”, Free Country has come to mark loss in a similar way. Recalling the summer when his hometown in Western Massachusetts was suddenly flooded with Fentanyl and the pain of losing close friends and a brother to opioid overdose, he describes not having the words to make sense of the all the tragedy, instead turning to music to both honor and grieve those who fell and to deal with the guilt of having survived. 

Recently finding himself briefly back in his hometown, songs dealing with both loss and redemption were written in a frenzy and quickly recorded to the only thing available in his grandparents basement, an old Tascam cassette multitrack. Using only drum machine, synthesizer and voice Free Country uses an incredible amount of economy to create these rafter-scraping choruses that sound impossibly large and lived in for the simplicity in its creation – lines that sound anthemic in its delivery by sheer vocal intonation alone.

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