Review: Verner Calvin debuts with introspective single ‘Beauty Queen’

American singer-songwriter based in Taiwan, Verner Calvin has released his introspective debut single “Beauty Queen”. He started working on a solo project to express his own vision in his own language and this is his first single as a solo artist. The song features his girlfriend, Anna, who is also a member of his band called Violet Lens.

‘Beauty Queen’ starts off with a mellow yet catchy guitar, followed by the really warm and engaging vocals. I really love Verner’s style and vocals, even Anna’s. It’s just so perfectly matched and comforting. It also gives off a beat that will make you just smile your longing or worries away, despite of its lyrics being kind of sad and relatable.

A song about the relationship dynamics that play out when someone is insecure about their appearance, ‘Beauty Queen’ follows the story of a partner slowly losing patience after having to constantly reassure their self-conscious lover that they are beautiful, to the backdrop of vintage, dreamy guitar riffs.

I can relate to this song as I am very insecure about my appearance. That’s also why I really love the lyrics. It’s just so earnest and poetic on some parts. My favorite line is “Why would anyone like me? I’m a Monday morning”. I even want to print that line out and pin it on my wallboard.

It’s also one of those songs you wouldn’t mind playing on repeat…. Well, I’ve been playing it on repeat for days.

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