Reveal Party – I Love My Brothers

I Love My Brothers is a love letter to men, wholesome masculinity, untraditional masculinity, vulnerability, solidarity and love.

Speaking about the track, Reveal Party said:

As a trans woman I obviously felt quite trapped in masculinity. I write all the time about this feeling and what specific aspects of masculinity made me feel that way. There seems to be this broader cultural movement of wholesome masculinity and redefining manhood, I see these men all around me everyday who handle masculinity beautifully, these men I appreciate so much, I wanted to celebrate them. I wanted to celebrate letting men be vulnerable, letting men cry, letting ALL men be feminine (cis and trans), celebrating trans men who are so often not included when trans people are discussed in the mainstream, but who I see as absolutely essential and frontrunners in this cultural movement of wholesome masculinity. I wanted a song that told them that even if they have family who do not understand, who are distant or silent or dismissive, that they are still our brothers and that I love my brothers.

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