Macajey – Mornin’

Mornin’ is a new track by Macajey that aims to give a template of a day, one that for him personally, would be perfect. 

In musical terms, this is expressed with a driving rhythm punctuated with express guitar soundscapes, breaks, atmospheric swells, and relaxed vocals that represent the myriad of events and colors that can happen in any one day.

Speaking about the track, Macajey said:

This song‘s inspiration is taken directly from my morning routine, in which the first thing I do every morning is take some deep, calming, relaxing breaths to start the day calm and peacefully.

Macajey is the brainchild of Jeremy Macachor, a guitarist, engineer and producer, his music has been described as organic, uplifting psychedelic, folktronica with elements of jazz and songs with emotional ranges from energetic, feel-good dance tracks to transcendental, sonic meditations. The music is also infused with the landscape tones of his two home bases; the dry mirage laden heat of California summers and the dim lit winters of Estonia.

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